Aikido of Escondido Dojo Status

Due to the COVID-19 mandatory closures of businesses we were forced to close our physical location after 28 years. After over 6 months of not being able to hold classes on premises we made the difficult decision to close our doors. I have been teaching via zoom since the pandemic began. Also I have created an instructional library at https://patreon.com/Kaizenshin that I add new videos too every week. Please join our community there. You can also find the latest updates at https://www.facebook.com/aikidoesc . As of 09/17/20 we have begun training adults again in a local park following all proper safety guidelines. Feel free to reach out at info@aikidoofescondido.com or by phone at 760 738 8022 if you have questions or would like to join us.

Thank you to all our friends and families who have supported our work over the years. We will continue and not give up.