Self Defense Equals Self Confidence

Self Defense Equals Self Confidence

It’s a nice fall evening in North County San Diego. You worked a long day and you are tired. You just got off work, sat in traffic while you watched the sun set and finally got to the grocery store to pick up dinner. The parking lot is pretty full so you have to park further away from the entrance than you typically like. After shopping, checking out and grabbing your grocery bags, with keys in hand you leave the store and notice that it seems that the lighting is quite dim and the parking lot has cleared out quite a bit. You coax your tired legs to move as you begin the longer than usual walk to your car. And then you hear the quiet footsteps behind you… and they are getting nearer…

Are you confident that you would be able to defend yourself if the person walking behind you had ill intentions and attacked you? Would you be afraid? Or would you, having just achieved your next belt rank in Aikido, know exactly how to prevent the attack, make it to your car safely and have a crazy story to tell the family when you got home?

Self defense equals self confidence. Your Aikido training will have you walking through that parking lot with no doubt that you would be able to take care of yourself. We’re not just talking to the ladies… although we have found that it is women who are drawn to the idea of being able to defend themselves since it is typically women who are preyed upon. But that doesn’t leave out you men. Imagine being confident in your ability to protect not just yourself but your loved ones should a they be attacked or victimized.

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