Offsite Group Sessions

aikido-technique-01From a real estate office with a group of agents looking to feel more secure at those open houses to a business office looking for a team building activity, Aikido is a great choice. Not only does Aikido martial arts training provide physical health benefits and self defense, but its system includes self development as well. The name itself “Aikido” means “Way of harmony” and it has as one of its philosophical pillars the notion of being in Harmony with your attackers rather than being in conflict with them.

During your group’s session, partners work in harmony with each other, learning when and how to yield, how to lead and guide another person’s movements and how to control an opponent through non-resistive techniques.

Your group does not have to wear a uniform (gi). Attire is simply long sweatpants and t-shirts. Group sessions can be held in open office space or outdoors at your facility or a community park. For more information, to schedule your group session or to inquire about pricing, please contact Sensei Kevin at 760.738.8022 or email