Belt Ranks

After continued training, both adults and children test to move to the next belt rank. It’s a very special day at Aikido of Escondido when we do the testing and hand out the new belts! (NOTE: The lower the number, the higher the rank… until black belt… then numbers count up.)

Children’s Belt Ranks

10th kyu white
9th kyu  yellow
8th kyu  yellow with stripe
7th kyu  orange
6th kyu  orange with stripe
5th kyu  blue
4th kyu  blue with stripe
3rd kyu  purple
2nd kyu  purple with stripe
1st kyu  brown
shodan  black with stripe (must be 16 yrs old)





Adult Belt Ranks

aikido-adult-belt-ranks8th kyu  white
7th kyu  white
6th kyu  blue
5th kyu  blue
4th kyu  purple
3rd kyu  purple
2nd kyu  brown
1st kyu  brown
shodan  black
nidan  black
sandan  black
yondan  black