The Senseis (Teachers)

sensei-kevin-kelleherSensei Kevin Kelleher, 5th Dan Black Belt,┬ábegan training in martial arts at the age of 12 and started training in Aikido in 1991 at Kenshinkan dojo under Sensei┬áKen MacBeth at the age of 19. He began teaching the children’s program in 1993 and opened his own dojo in 1999. Kelleher sensei is now chief instructor and dojo-cho of Aikido of Escondido and a member of the Aikido Association of America’s Western Region Testing Committee.

Sensei Lucy Kelleher, also a black belt in the art of Aikido, primarily teaches the children’s classes.

“Sensei” means “teacher” or “instructor”.
During classes, the instructor is addressed as Sensei.

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