Adult Classes

aikido-adult-classWhether you are looking for fitness, agility, flexibility, coordination, self defense training, knowing how to take a fall and not get hurt or you are excited to excel in the field of martial arts, Aikido of Escondido is here for you!

Kaizenshinkan’s Adult Aikido program focuses on adults 16+ years of age.  Although Aikido is primarily a self defense art, it has as one of its philosophical pillars the notion of being in harmony with your attackers rather than being in conflict with them. Students learn Aikido techniques which express elements of philosophy, psychology, and physics. As you learn the movements, you will, at the same time, train your minds, improve your health and develop self-confidence.

During an Aikido training class, partners work in harmony with each other, learning when and how to yield, how to lead and guide another person’s movements and how to control an opponent through non-resistive techniques. Students practice techniques for blending with and neutralizing punches, kicks, grabs, and other assaults. As students progress they will deal with faster attacks, weapons and multiple attackers. This training develops balance, flexibility, and coordination, as well as concentration and self confidence in the face of an attack.

Formal class procedures (listed below) involve structure, discipline and respect. Please take a look at our current class schedule and feel free to stop by the dojo to observe a class or contact us by phone or email (760.738.8022, info@aikidoofescondido.com) to learn more or to schedule a class for your child(ren). Please review our class enrollment page to check if we are accepting new students and to see membership plans and pricing.


Beginning of Class

  • Try to be in the dojo facility fifteen to thirty minutes before the scheduled beginning of class. Punctuality is important. Allow enough time to make a smooth transition from street to dojo. The feeling will carry over to the class and enhance the training.
  • A customary bow as you enter the training hall is required.
  • The mat should be cleaned before the beginning of the first class. The mat is where we meet to train and its condition sets the tone for the dojo and the training that take place upon it. If you are early, feel free to volunteer your services. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  • The instructor will signal the students to line up facing the front with the senior students starting the line from the right side.
  • The instructor sits seiza (formal kneeling position) in front of the class, facing shomen (front wall). The senior student or assistant instructor calls out “Shomen ni rei!” (bow to the front) and all bow.
  • The instructor turns to face the class and the senior student or assistant instructor calls out “Sensei ni rei!” (bow to the instructor). All bow, saying :Onegaishimasu” (please share). The class begins.

End of Class

  • The instructor signals the end of the class. Students sits seiza facing shomen.
  • The instructor sits seiza in front of the class, facing shomen. The senior student or assistant instructor calls out “Shomen ni rei!” and all bow.
  • The instructor turns to face the class and the senior student or assistant instructor calls out “Sensei ni rei!” All bow, saying “Domo arigato gozaimashita, Sensei” (Thank you very much teacher).
  • The instructor signals for all the students to thank each other. All students bow to and thank everyone with whom they practiced during the class.
  • The mat should be cleaned after the last class. As before, your help is much appreciated.
  • A customary bow before you leave the training hall is required.

Safety is the first priority of the dojo. All rules are meant to keep the students from getting injured and contribute to their success in the art of Aikido.