Kudos for Aikido


“As a female real estate agent, we are told when showing a property a) to have someone around, b) to wear jackets with pockets to carry self-defense items; and c) keep our cell phones handy… but for me that wasn’t enough… I was still a little fearful when a male individual would walk into the open house alone. I began classes at Aikido of Escondido and after just one class, I felt more confident with my ability to defend myself should something go awry. Sensei Kevin and Sensei Lucy are both so amazing… they instill that confidence while providing me the skills I want/need to do my job! Thank you!”

“I am a shorter man, a little on the stocky side and way out of shape. I always thought that to do martial arts of any kind, you had to look like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan… then I spoke with Sensei Kevin after stopping by the dojo one day during a class. I saw all shapes and sizes, both men and women, learning Aikido. It was empowering to watch… and now I feel so empowered myself after taking classes! It’s great exercise of both my body and mind! I can’t say enough how awesome Aikido of Escondido is! I highly recommend it!”

“Our 5-year-old son was becoming quite a handful. Not listening. Pushing back on any discipline and structure we tried to implement. We were almost at our wits end… trying to do everything right and he just kept getting more and more unruly. A friend told me about how well her child responded to taking martial arts classes, so I looked into it and found Aikido of Escondido! I’m so glad I did… not only is our son more respectful, he also looks forward to his classes and strives so hard to get to that next belt level. I’m so proud of him and so thankful for Sensei Lucy!”

“Our office does team building activities once per quarter. This quarter, we brought in Kevin Kelleher of Aikido of Escondido to instruct our team on the art of Aikido, which we selected because it is primarily a self-defense rather than an attack-type of martial arts. WOW! What a great decision… not only did our team walk away from the class feeling more confident and more cohesive, but they requested that our next activity be a continuation of Aikido! Thank you to Kevin for giving our team a great experience that they can use both at work and at home!”

“I despise the gym. I don’t like ‘working out’. I am not a fan of the exercise… period. And on top of that, I’m a little shy. But I knew I had to get into shape. I met Lucy at a networking event and she suggested I try Aikido. I told her about my shyness and she said I could start with private classes. So I thought, “what the heck” and gave it a whirl. Boy, am I glad I did! Now, having earned my 5th kyu (blue belt), not only am I in better shape, but my shyness has all but disappeared! Aikido gives me a great workout that I actually LOVE doing and also a confidence booster and better attitude! Thank you, SENSEI Lucy!”